Hunt visits US to meet Big Pharma and speak at conference sponsored by US healthcare giants

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt recently attended a secretive “patient safety” conference in the US —  sponsored by large US healthcare corporations — and met with American pharmaceutical companies to discuss ways in which he could “expand” the “partnership”.

Hunt’s visit follows Prime Minister May’s recent trip to meet President Trump, and discuss a “trade deal” with the country. May’s fevered enthusiasm for securing a trade deal with the US has been met with fierce criticism by Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn — who has urged her to confirm that she will not allow private US healthcare firms to take over the NHS as part of any possible trade deal — something which May has repeatedly refused to do.

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Brave father driven to suicide bid by stresses of raising autistic children under regime of Tory cuts to NHS and schools

A dad-of-five who has battled to get his autistic sons the help they desperately need told how he had been pushed to drinking and even to try and end his own life.

Martin Kilgallon, 43, who has five children has one son who suffers from brittle asthma and two with severe autism, gave a passionate speech at the launch of the Labour Party manifesto.

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Impact of Tory Cuts to Disability Benefits

It’s become one of the toughest encounters Theresa May has had to endure in the general election campaign so far.

“The fat cats keep the money and us lot get nothing,” an incensed Kathy Mohan told the Prime Minister last week. “I want my disability living allowance back!”

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Labour cuts Tory polling lead to 9% after manifesto week

A poll by YouGov for the Sunday Times, which was conducted after the Conservative manifesto was released last week, had the Tories on 44% and Labour up to 35%, the smallest lead recorded by the pollster this year.

It found that Theresa May’s proposal to shake up how people pay for social care was supported by 35% of respondents, with 40% opposed.

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Tories’ shame over blood ivory

By the time you’ve read this article, another elephant will have been killed for its tusks. So why are our ministers breaking a manifesto vow to join China and the U.S. in banning ivory sales?

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