Tory candidate in Jo Cox’s seat joked ‘nobody’s been shot yet’ at hustings

The Conservative candidate in the former seat of murdered MP Jo Cox has apologised after saying at a hustings event that “we not yet shot anybody so that’s wonderful.”

There were gasps from the crowd at the hustings event in Batley and Spen when Dr Ann Myatt praised the “first rate” event then said: “We have here people of all faiths, we have here people from different parts of the community, and we have not yet shot anybody so that’s wonderful.”

Theresa May accused of making UK a laughing stock in Europe

The UK has become an “ogre” that is “a laughing stock” across Europe, a senior Labour politician has said, accusing Theresa May of risking the country’s prospects of a Brexit deal by using threatening language.

“She says no deal is better than a bad deal, but no deal is a bad deal,” the shadow education secretary, Angela Rayner, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Lynton Crosby’s silence over tax haven scandal is deafening

Conservative election guru Lynton Crosby ’s knighthood dishonoured the awards system and his involvement with a tax haven raises pertinent questions about the Tory campaign.

This is a British contest so it feels wrong for many voters that Theresa May ’s strings are pulled by an imported Aussie fatcat with links to a mysterious offshore company in Malta.

Only one in 10 voters supports Tory manifesto pledge on fox hunting

Only one in 10 people supports Theresa May’s plan to bring back fox hunting, according to a poll for The Independent.

The survey of voters, conducted by ORB, found that 64 per cent disagree with the statement that the ban on fox hunting should be reversed, and a very high proportion (46 per cent) say they “disagree strongly”. Just 11 per cent agree with the policy, and a quarter (25 per cent) neither agree nor disagree.

Is the Dementia Tax a plan to make money for Theresa May and her husband?

Here’s an interesting possibility, mentioned today by a commenter to This Site:

“The other commercial opportunity: the dementia tax is a stealth incentive to take out equity release mortgages.”

I had to look up what an equity release mortgage is; being in social housing, I haven’t had the opportunity or the need to find out about this particular financial product. Here’s what I found, courtesy of

With a lifetime mortgage, you take out a loan, secured on your property, and receive that amount as a tax-free lump sum. You do not usually make monthly repayments. Instead, the interest “rolls up”, and the loan plus interest is repaid after your death, when the property is sold.

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May Lies Over Dementia Tax


Theresa May’s claim that “nothing has changed” about the Conservatives’ so-called Dementia Tax has been blown apart after new proof that the Tories explicitly ruled out a cap on care costs.

The Prime Minister claimed on Monday morning that Tory policy had been the victim of “fake claims” by Labour and the media in its reporting of the policy.

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